Shower and Bath Water Filters

Shower and Bath Water Filters

Improving the health and quality of your water isn’t limited to your kitchen. Having a bath filter or shower water filter not only helps to give you cleaner water in your bathroom, but it’s healthier for you and your family too!

We believe in making pure, fresh, clean water available to everyone in Australia no matter where they are, and pride ourselves on having been a part of the pure water journey for countless Australian families and businesses.

Why You Need a Shower Filter

Although the water in our homes has been treated so that it is safe and free of bacterial contaminants, it can often contain other nasties that we, as healthy living people, would choose to be without.

While some of these contaminants are not harmful to your health, they can affect the health and taste of your water.
When you filter your water, you ensure that you and your family are receiving a clean, vital source of water that is convenient, cost effective and healthy.

Introducing a bath or shower filter to your bathroom is another holistic way to create healthy water solutions for the entire family throughout the home.

Water Absorption in the Shower Through Skin

Humans are designed to be water resistant. It’s a good thing! But – did you know that you can absorb not only nutrients and minerals, but also chemicals through your skin? Because of this, we offer a range of bath and shower filters to help protect you and your family against any potentially harmful or unwanted chemicals that may be present in your water – even when you’re in the shower!

A key way that you can protect your family is with a shower water filter that works to filter out nasties and impurities while you are showering. A shower filter can reduce contaminants that may be disrupting the health and wellbeing of your family.

If you already have a water filter on your tap for drinking, it makes perfect sense to take the next step and to filter the water in your shower as well.

Quality Shower Water Filtration System for Your Family

We all like to ensure that we’re taking care of our families in every way possible – and that includes the water that they drink and shower in. By using a shower filter for your home and enjoying the benefits of your shower filter, you will help to ensure the reduction of chemical contaminants, bacteria and sediments from the water that they are washing or bathing in.

A Shower Water Filter for Your Home

Wash away the impurities of the day with our range of quality water filters and don’t load your body up with more! With our range of stylish and effective shower filter solutions, you will enjoy a healthier shower every time. Our water filters give you better feeling water that is geared to your health and wellbeing.

At Pure Water Systems, we believe in water that is designed to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. We are always here to provide ongoing support and to service your needs – so speak to us today if you need any guidance or help choosing the perfect water filter for you!

Our quality water filter products are available Australia-wide because we believe that every Australian should have access to healthy, fresh, filtered water!. If you have any questions about any of our water filters or would like to discuss anything about our range of shower filters, you can contact us on 1800 808 966.

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