Whole House Water Filter Systems

Concerned about the quality of water entering your home? Then a Whole House Water Filtration System is for you!

A whole house filter system delivers healthy, clean, filtered water to every tap outlet, so you can be confident you are drinking the best quality water available and bathing in much cleaner water containing significantly fewer pollutants and contaminants.

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Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

There are many ways in which your family can benefit from a Whole House Water Filter System.

A whole house water filter system provides access to an unlimited supply of filtered water from every tap, and acts as a barrier protectant to organic chemicals, disinfection products such as chlorine, solvents and sediments and other chemicals that may be found in your town water supply.

The whole house system filters the water before it even reaches your home, family and appliances – whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or garden.

Benefits of a Whole House Water Softener

Generally, most of us know about the benefits of drinking filtered water, but there are a host of potential problems that can come when you run unfiltered, ‘hard’ water through your appliances.

You may have seen the Limescale buildup in your kettle, or the whitish Calcium marks and spotting that may be present on windows and shower screens. This is often caused by hard water – being water that is high in mineral compounds such as Salts, Calcium and Magnesium.
These compounds build up over time in places such as your kettle, your dishwasher, your washing machine, your hot water system, and can even be seen after you wash your car!

Water softeners work to reduce mineral contaminants that can cause this build up, helping to ensure that your appliances last longer and your glass stays cleaner.

Pure Water Systems provide a range of different water filtration and water treatment options depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for a water softener or a whole house water filter system, we can provide a specialised solution for you.

Water Softeners

When you have hard water (e.g. Salts, Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate), you experience a range of problems that stem from a buildup of mineral deposits in your home and appliances.

Hard water is commonly known to clog pipes and to complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water where you cannot get a lather. It can also leave spotting on shower screens and cars.

The best way to soften water is to use a water softener unit and connect it directly to the water supply. A water softener is not a filter, so we recommend adding a water filtration system that can be used in conjunction with your water softener to ensure you are receiving fresh, great tasting water.

Carbon whole house

When you have a carbon whole house water filter, you are reducing contaminants and improving the health of your family, thanks to the year round availability of fresh water from every tap in the home.

UV whole house

An Ultraviolet Whole House Water Filter System offers the very best in home filtration. This UV System uses a combination of carbon filtration and UV sterilisation to give you clear, clean water for your entire home or business.

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