Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of warranty does Pure Water Systems offer?

Pure Water Systems offers a 3 year parts and labour warranty on most products (excludes the RO-5U).

In fact, every year that you service with Pure Water Systems we will extend the service warranty on your system which means you never pay any call out fees or labour charges, all you pay for is the price of any part if needed. If you reside in an area that we do not service, we will send out the part needed with full instructions.

How long does the Hi-Tech Optimiser cartridge last?

Multipure, the manufacturer of the Hi-Tech Optimiser (HTO) cartridge recommends replacement every 12 months, or usage of 1892 litres – whichever comes first.

Does the Hi-Tech Optimiser cartridge remove the good minerals from the water?

No, the Hi-Tech Optimiser (HTO) cartridge leaves all the healthy minerals in the water. Natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are completely dissolved in the water and are not removed by the cartridge filtration process. 

Can I continue to use my filter cartridge past the 12 month expiry date?

The carbon inside most water filter cartridges (which is used to remove chemicals, VOC’s & heavy metals from your tap water) is only made to last 12 months, so the effectiveness of your cartridge to remove these chemicals after 12 months will be significantly reduced. In addition to this, your water filter cartridge sits in a dark wet and warm condition whilst holding all the chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria etc that is has removed from your tap water over the last 12 months; using the cartridge past this due date can cause bacteria to re-contaminate the cartridge and be reintroduced into your drinking water. This bacterial build up is called “Biofilm” and appears as a clear gel around your cartridge, unfortunately you cannot usually taste this build up.

What if I didn’t use the system for a substantial amount of the 12 month timeframe?

Unfortunately if the cartridge has still been sitting in the system (in a dark wet and sometimes warm condition) it is still not recommended to use past the expiry date due to the build up of Biofilm. We recommend taking the cartridge out of the system and letting it dry out completely in the sun before going away, this way when you return it will last you that little bit longer.

How do I remove fluoride from my drinking water?

The best way to remove fluoride is with a reverse osmosis system which has an achievable reduction rate of 93.6%. 

Does the Bench Top Water Filter require a plumber to install?

No. The system comes with a chrome plated steel diverter which connects directly to your kitchen tap. Installation takes approximately 2 minutes and comes with easy to follow instructions.

Can I still use my hot water with the Bench Top Water Filter connected?

Absolutely - you can use your tap as you normally would for dishes, cleaning up etc. When you wish to filter your water you simply flick the black lever on your diverter and your water will come out of your tap fresh, clean and chemical free. Please note however that it is not recommended to run hot water through your water filter system due to the carbon makeup of the cartridge itself, which causes the carbon to expand. 

Where can the Bench Top Water Filter be connected?

The Bench Top Water Filter can be connected to any working tap or faucet. Different taps have different threads, in some cases you may need a different adaptor to accommodate to the tap or faucet you are connecting the system to.

We supply a full range of tap adaptors with full installation instructions at an affordable price. No matter where the road takes you, rest assured you will always have fresh, clean, great tasting, healthy drinking water.

Do you need help?

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Please call 1300 808 966 or email us.
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