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We provide a 3-Year Parts & Labour Warranty to all customers on our full product range.

We also provide an Extended Service Warranty to all of our customers who continue to service their water filtration system(s), beyond the initial 3-Year Parts & Labour Warranty. The Extended Warranty covers call out fees and labour charges, and our customers will only have to pay for the parts replaced, if within a serviceable area. If outside of our serviceable area, the Extended Warranty will cover shipping charges, customers will only have to pay for the parts replaced.

Please note, the Extended Warranty excludes Whole House and Water Softener Systems.

As a valued Pure Water Systems customer, the Extended Warranty (beyond the initial 3-Year Warranty) is available for the entire period that the customer chooses to have their system(s) serviced by Pure Water Systems. We want to ensure your system is running at its best and providing you with the most optimum water possible, therefore to be covered, your system is required to be serviced by us, on time and in accordance with the manufacturers recommended ongoing time frame.

In all cases, the commencement date of this warranty period will be determined as the actual date of purchase, as documented on the customers’ Pure Water Systems account.

If at any point beyond the initial 3-Year Warranty period you decide not to continue servicing with Pure Water Systems, your Extended Warranty will unfortunately be void, meaning charges for repairs and labour will be at the customers’ expense.

In any event that you need assistance, or have any questions, concerns or claims, please call us directly on 1300 808 966.

*Due to varying water quality across Australia, this excludes cartridges.
The warranty shall be void if the product sustains damage or failure resulting from any of the following:

• Our service technicians love what they do and will 100% guarantee their work. However, we can’t cover you if you choose to install yourself for the risk of improper installation.

• We understand no one likes reading the instructions, but please ensure that you do. Otherwise, we can’t cover you if your system(s) are failed to be maintained in accordance with recommended servicing and as per the manufacturers operating instructions.

• Unauthorised or abnormal use or operation. This includes running hot water through the purification or filtration system (excluding shower and bath filters).

• Exposure to unsuitable environmental conditions (including, but not limited to damage due to lightening strikes).

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