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Chilled Bubblers

Plumbed directly in to mains water supply, our commercial style bubblers deliver chilled water anywhere, anytime.

Our series of Water Bubblers provide an unlimited supply of refreshing cold water.

Combining stylish design and durability, the M Series Water Bubblers are one of the most popular ranges of mains connected water coolers on the market due to their durability, sturdiness and suitability to a wide range of applications.
These units are commonly found in schools, hospitals, factories and many other environments where a chilled drinking water outlet is required.
The M Series of Water Bubblers is plumbed directly to your mains water supply and are designed to be used in conjunction with an Inline Water Filtration System.
As with all Pure Water Systems products, the M Series Water Bubblers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hiring Bottled Water Coolers.

Pure Water Systems offers a 3 Year Parts and labour Warranty coupled with our Pure Quality Guarantee*, ensuring that you are receiving the best quality water available and value for money.


  • Chilled water on demand for ultimate convenience
  • Industrial grade 304 stainless steel
  • No rental or water delivery charges, saving you time and money
  • Minimal maintenance and servicing
  • Great tasting water without compromise
  • Highest quality parts and fittings for greater peace of mind

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