Whole House

  • water softener

    Water Softeners

    Water Softeners are a hard water treatment option that utilises Ion Exchange Resin to leave you with softer water.

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  • Under Sink Big White Washable Filter

    Big White Washable Package

    The Pure Water Systems Big White Washable offers superior filtration of heavy sediment and dirt particles inline from your tank to your home.

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  • water leak detector

    Leak Protection System

    $79.00 AUD inc. GST

    The Leak Protection System is your best defence against water damage. Designed to shut off the water supply to the system in the event of a leak.

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  • inline filter washing machine

    Inline to Washing Machine

    The Inline3 is designed to run directly to your washing machine to help in the reduction of dirt, sediment, rust and algae and does not require a plumber for installation.

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  • Big White Restaurant Package

    This systems is installed conveniently underneath the sink or in food preparation areas and connects directly to the cold water line with its own high flow faucet.

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  • whole house carbon water filter

    Carbon Whole House

    Carbon filters reduce contaminants, resulting in sparkling fresh, great tasting water from every tap in the home.

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  • UV filtration

    ULTRAVIOLET (UV) Whole house

    An Ultraviolet Whole House uses a combination of carbon filtration and UV sterilisation to give you clear, clean water for your entire home or business.

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