Office Water Coolers & Bubblers

Our office water coolers and water bubblers are created for busy environments or public areas with demands for high-quality water. Installing a water cooler in your business or office is an economical way to make sure your colleagues, employees and customers stay hydrated throughout the day.

Gone are the days of renting your water cooler, and having your water delivered in large, cumbersome, plastic containers.

Make the move to one of our affordable office water dispensers and start enjoying the benefits today!

Benefits of Water Coolers for Offices

Commercial water coolers come in many shapes and sizes, from plumbed-in, bottleless water coolers, through to portable options that allow you to refill the bottle when necessary.

No matter the size of your office, or the number of employees you have – Pure Water Systems have an office water cooler or bubbler that is perfect for your needs.

Having an Office Water Cooler makes sense. It is better for employees and customers, better for your bottom line and better for the environement.

What Kind of Office Water Dispenser Should You Get?

If you prefer a water cooler or coolers in fixed locations within your office or workspace, then it may be suitable for you to invest in a plumbed-in solution. However, if a more portable water cooler works best for you, then a bottle refill option may be better suited to your needs. Dispensers vary in cost and can be used in conjunction with many water filter and water purification solutions so it’s best to determine what the needs and required usage of your business are.

If you need help in deciding what options suit you business, our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have - be sure to give them a call on 1300 808 966 to find out more.

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